Vacation With Ease Knowing the Pros at MyButler Have Your House Running Smoothly

MyButlerEveryone needs a vacation now and then, but how can you leave your home behind without fear that a burglar will break in, a fire will start, or a water fixture will leak and flood your home? It’s not healthy to live in fear, but you shouldn’t leave your home unprotected, either. That's where MyButler comes in!

Hiring a professional butler to fill the role of a trusted house sitter while you’re gone soothes that fear. The pros can do everything necessary to keep your house running smoothly so you can vacation with ease, knowing your home is being watched over.

MyButler can secure your home by doing the following:

  • Check the mail and bring in the newspaper to prevent broadcasting your absence.
  • Water house plants and feed pets so everything stays healthy while you’re gone.
  • Take care of the landscaping, including watering plants, mowing the grass, raking leaves or shoveling the driveway, depending on the season. These tasks help your home look lived in.
  • Turn lights on and off throughout the day to make it look as though someone’s home.
  • Check that nothing's out of the ordinary. Malfunctioning heating and cooling equipment could leave your home vulnerable to high or low temperatures, which could damage belongings or cause pipes to burst. With MyButler at your service, you can rest assured you’ll receive a call if anything unusual happens.


In addition to hiring professional help while you’re on vacation, take these other precautions to secure your home:

  • Resist the urge to share your travel plans online. Wait until you get back to post pictures and updates on social media.
  • Turn down the water heater temperature to save on utility costs while you’re gone.
  • Lock all windows and doors, and lock and secure the garage.
  • Leave a single key with your house sitter for entrance into your home. Remove any spare keys you have hidden outside.
  • Put valuables away. There’s no need to tempt peeping Toms by leaving jewelry or other valuables in plain sight of windows.
  • Install motion-sensor security lights. These are most effective when placed over the driveway or at your home’s back entrance.


If you love the idea of having your home protected by a professional butler, you’re not alone. Our services are in high demand. Contact MyButler today to learn more about what makes us the perfect house sitting service.

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