Use MyButler to Prepare Your Home for Impending Summer Fun

As the weather warms up, you’ll find yourself wanting to spend more time outside with your family. Preparing your outdoor living space for impending summer fun may feel daunting at first, but with MyButler, it’s a cinch. Here are some tasks MyButler can help with as you prepare for summer.

Clean Outdoor Floors, Fabrics and Furniture

MyButlerSix months of disuse and stormy weather can do a number on outdoor umbrellas, awnings, metal and cloth furniture, brick and concrete pavers, and wooden decks. You’ll need to scrub fabrics, wax metal furniture, remove stains from pavers and reseal the deck. A butler can tackle the dirty work and leave you with time to spend on more pressing matters.

Repair Torn Screens

All you want coming through your windows is a fresh summer breeze; no insects, please. If your porch or window screens suffered some damage over the winter, MyButler can patch up the holes. Whether you want to leave the entire job to your butler or simply send him out to pick up the supplies you forgot, it's completely up to you.

Revitalize the Grass

The dead, brown grass from winter is ready to come back to life now that spring is here. Give it a head start by watering and aerating the soil. MyButler can help with tasks such as pulling weeds, re-seeding and mowing the grass. If your lawn is in particularly bad shape, you might need a professional lawn care specialist to restore lush, green grass for summer.

Invite the Birds to Stay

Everyone likes a yard full of songbirds, but what you might not enjoy is setting up the bird feeders in the spring. If you don’t feel up to the task, let MyButler set up feeding stations in the trees on your property. You’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of birds without the fuss.

Prep the Grill

What’s summertime without a backyard barbecue? If the grill needs a little TLC, MyButler can help by scrubbing the burners and clearing clogged burner holes. You might even send him to the store to pick up the latest grilling essentials, such as long-handled tongs, nonstick slotted spatulas and an instant-read meat thermometer.

With these tasks completed, you’re ready to begin enjoying your outdoor space once again. Are you eager to get help from a qualified butler? Contact MyButler today to learn more about our services.

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