The Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift: More Free Time Thanks to MyButler

What's the best Mother's Day gift you could give this year? It's not flowers. It's not jewelry. It's not even her favorite chocolate. It's the chance to enjoy more free time with the family, courtesy of MyButler.

MyButler Services Make the Best Mother's Day Gift

Mother's Day giftMom has housework, chores and errands to run every day. What if she could delegate these unwanted tasks to someone else in celebration of Mother's Day?

That's where MyButler steps in. We're an on-demand butler service you can hire for Mother's Day weekend to give the special woman in your home more free time to relax with family and celebrate motherhood.

Just what can MyButler do to ease Mom's stress on Mother's Day? Consider the possibilities:

  • Grocery shopping - What's Mother's Day without a nice family dinner? But who's going to shop for it...the very person who's supposed to be relaxing and enjoying the day off? Instead of sending any of your loved ones to the grocery store while everyone else parties at home, leave the meal planning to MyButler. Just prepare a list of groceries and other dinner party supplies and MyButler takes care of the rest.
  • Party hosting - Once dinner's done, who's going to clear the table and wash the dishes? MyButler is the perfect resource for a relaxing evening without dreading the dirty kitchen and piles of dishes in the morning.
  • Laundry - It's the unending chore every mother faces. Relieve Mom of the effort, at least for the weekend, so she can relax with the family without an extra large pile of laundry to do on Monday.
  • Household chores - Dusting, vacuuming, mopping and cleaning the bathroom are tedious and time-consuming, yet necessary to keep the home in good condition. You can't ask Mom to neglect these chores, but you can hand them off to MyButler on Mother's Day weekend.

Why You Can Trust MyButler

Our butlers are classically trained and have completed a certified training program in Europe. They're equipped with the modern skills needed to complete all types of chores and tasks. We rigorously background check every member of our team to ensure your safety, satisfaction and peace of mind. While our services are on-demand, the more you work with our butlers, the more they get to know you and the better they can satisfy your needs.

Now that you know what Mother's Day gift to buy this year, contact MyButler to make the necessary arrangements.

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