Spring Is the Perfect Time to Clean and Organize Closets and Drawers With a Butler’s Help

Winter weather is finally giving way to sunshine and flowers, and you’re opening up your home for the first time in months. It feels good to breathe fresh air, but what about those dust bunnies lurking in the corner of your closet and the mishmash that's collected in junk drawers around your home? Now that your hibernation is over, it’s time to pursue spring cleaning with a butler, a tactic that makes your job easier than ever. Consider the various ways a butler can help with your spring cleaning efforts.

spring cleaning with a butlerTrade Out Your Wardrobe

You won’t need those sweaters and wool socks again until fall, so conserve closet space by packing them away. With a butler’s help, the task is done twice as fast. Decide what needs to be packed up and let the butler do the tedious task of folding and storing. You might even ask your butler to gut the entire closet in order to clear out cobwebs and dust settled on hard-to-reach shelves.

Donate Used Clothes

There’s a neat trick you can use to determine what clothes you never wear anymore. Hang hangers backward and only turn them around after you wear that item. If you do this trick in the fall, you can see what winter clothes are still hanging backward in the spring. Then donate or sell these items to free up space.

Once you decide what you want to give away, ask the butler to run the errand for you. This gives you more free time to relax in the beautiful spring weather.

Install Accessory Racks

Purses, belts, ties and scarves can become a tangled mess on a closet shelf. If you have the wall space, maximize it by hanging an accessory rack. Don’t want to take the time to assemble, hang and fill the rack? It’s just another reason spring cleaning with a butler is so helpful.


Junk drawers become so disorganized because items get jostled around every time you open and close the drawer. Dividing the drawer into separate compartments allows you to put like-items together and keep them from mixing over time.

Are you eager to start spring cleaning with a butler? Getting your home ready for warmer weather doesn’t have to be taxing! Contact MyButler today to learn more about our professional services.

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