Spring Forward in Style and Let a Butler Handle the Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. The weekend we spring forward with daylight saving time, our thoughts inevitably turn to warmer weather, flowers in bloom and -- spring cleaning? Spring cleaning is a traditional practice that involves a thorough scouring and scrubbing of the home from top to bottom. It's a worthy tradition, but few of us have sufficient time to do it justice. If that sounds like you, then why not let a butler handle the spring cleaning?

spring cleaningWhat to Expect From a Modern Butler

Hiring a butler isn't just for folks on the social register these days. A modern butler is more diverse than in former times and can perform a variety of personalized services for the busy professional. MyButler's services range from decluttering your home to walking the pooch and shopping for groceries.

Today's highly-trained professional butlers provide solutions to clients' problems. What's more, they remember client preferences and are trained to maintain confidentiality about their clients' business and personal lives.

Spring Cleaning Chores 

Your professional butler can start your spring cleaning by decluttering your home. That could mean cleaning out and organizing closets and pantries, making kitchen drawers less jumbled or putting some order to kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Once your items are organized, your butler can set about cleaning your home. These chores might include sweeping floors, vacuuming carpets and upholstery, and wiping dust from hard surfaces. Looking for deep cleaning? Just let your butler know!

Other Spring Cleaning Tips

After you've let a butler handle most of the spring cleaning, enlist your family members to help control clutter from now on, and organize as you go. Put paper junk mail in the recycling bin and garbage in the garbage bin. Don't let junk mail accumulate. Put clothes away as soon as you change them by hanging them up immediately or putting them in the laundry pile.

If you'd like to let a butler handle the spring cleaning, or any other chores for that matter, contact MyButler. A professional butler can help free you up for all those other tasks you never seem to have time for.

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