Spring Clean That To Do List and Delegate Non-Essential Tasks to a Butler

When was the last time you really assessed the way you spend your time? In both your professional and personal life, the way you spend your time often dictates your quality of life.

Sure, you can control what chores you complete, how much time you spend with your family and the amount of sleep you get at night, but if you neglect these activities in favor of spending more time at work, you’ll end up with a dirty house, neglected children and sleep deprivation to top it all off. It’s especially true when you’re trying to get spring cleaning chores off your to-do list.

If you wish you had more personal time when you get home from work, it’s time to think about delegating tasks to a butler.

Something Has to Give

delegating tasks to a butlerWhat’s it going to be: allow your quality of life to suffer as you fill your day with work and chores, or delegate tasks to free up some quality time with your family?

Take a few minutes to block out how you spend your time on a typical workday. Are you using your time to the fullest? Are there any endeavors you could abandon that aren’t worth the time and energy you put into them? Such projects could be as wasteful as dropping a $100 bill on the ground and neglecting to pick it up. Eliminate unproductive endeavors if possible.

Then examine the time spent at home. If your evenings are filled with chores to keep the house in order, this is where delegating tasks to a butler becomes a possibility. A small investment in MyButler services gives you more time to spend with your family, on hobbies and doing activities that improve your quality of life.

Spring Cleaning To-Do List

While your life situation and career path are different from your friends and neighbors, everyone has one thing in common: we’ll never have more than 24 hours in a day, even if the to-do list grows to unfathomable lengths. This often occurs in the spring as spring cleaning chores pile up.

Don’t choose between living in a dirty home and getting to go to your child’s concert. Delegating tasks to a butler from your spring cleaning to-do list is the chance to take back your life!

Eager to learn more about our services? Contact MyButler to arrange professional services exactly when and where you need them.

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