Why Home Organization is a Major Source of Stress

reducing stress at home means breaking through the clutterIf you're like 84 percent of Americans, your home's lack of organization and cleanliness is a continual source of stress. In a recent Huffington Post poll of nearly 1,000 adults, almost one-third of respondents said that a dirty and/or disorganized home was a major source of stress.

It's important to take note that 81 percent of men admitted experiencing anxiety about issues surrounding home upkeep. This is an alarming finding considering that most of us spend more time at home than anywhere else and that stress has been linked to serious medical conditions, including heart disease, obesity and even cancer.

Reducing Stress at Home in Three Simple Steps

Doing all you can to maintain an organized and clean household can reduce stress in your life, which in turn will make you happier and healthier. Here are three simple steps you can take right now to get the upper-hand on your home organization and to keep it that way.

1) Be ruthless about clutter. The number one offender of those who participated in the poll was, not surprisingly, clutter. Your first mission is to eradicate it. Experts recommend enlisting the help of a partner who can hold things up one-by-one. This will help you become less emotionally attached to items and more able to determine when it's time to let something go.

2) Create a new daily routine. To prevent clutter from accumulating all over again, it's best to integrate a few short steps into your daily routine. Here are some examples.

Toss junk mail immediately into the trash and only bring "worthy" mail into your home.
Remember that 99.5% of your children's papers and "art" can be tossed. Saving 0.5% each year will still yield an abundant amount of keepsakes.
Do not hang onto any freebies or gifts unless you truly love them. Otherwise, donate them so others can enjoy them while you enjoy a more clutter-free and relaxing home.

3) Enlist others in your household. Unless you live alone, you're not the sole person responsible for managing clutter and house chores. Begin delegating chores more evenly, task-by-task or room-by-room, to keep things under control.

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