How to Find More Time in Your Schedule This Year

Do you cringe each time the thought, "I don't have time for -- fill in the infinite blanks --," enters your mind? If you're like most 21st-century professionals, that sentiment is reiterated multiple times every day. Time management is the key to finding time for the things you want to do and learning how to eliminate or delegate tasks you don't enjoy or don't have time for.

butler Time Management Tips to Gain More Time

Here are some smart time management techniques from the pros at MyButler, designed to help you add a few extra minutes (or better yet, hours) to your day.

  1. Fill out a time log. You need to see how and where time is being consumed before you can determine the best means of managing it. Keep a detailed log for a solid week, being honest about where you spend your time. You may find you spend more time surfing the Internet, perusing social media platforms or watching TV than you thought. These can turn into hours gained when you create a more focused schedule.
  2. Learn to schedule business and pleasure. Make it a point to schedule both business and pleasure activities. It may seem a bit militant at first, but sticking to a well-blocked schedule makes life feel more balanced. You can fill gaps with activities like reading, meditating, yoga and other self-care items that are quickly replaced with time-wasters if you aren't diligent.
  3. Delegate, because you can't do it all. The busiest people are often those who feel they have to do everything themselves. This simply isn't the case. There are plenty of others you can delegate to, from family members to professional services like MyButler, who can take your to-do list and make it a not-to-do list with a simple call and a set of instructions. Delegation of less pleasant chores, like cleaning, home organization, errand running and the like will leave you with a tremendous amount of free time during your week.
  4. Learn to say no. Learning to say no can be the single most effective syllable when it comes to saving time. As stated in above, you don't have to do everything. Say no when an event, meeting or activity isn't absolutely necessary or desired in your life.
  5. Plan in advance. Set next week's schedule on Friday rather than Monday. This proactive approach means you'll be less at the whim of others when the week begins. Another benefit to Friday scheduling: it will allow you to enjoy your weekend more fully since next week's schedule is already complete and no longer looming ahead of you.

Start your New Year off with time to spare. Contact MyButler and learn how we can help you hone your time management skills and maximize your time!

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