Easy Tips to Get Things Done Faster

time managementHow long is your To-Do list and does it ever end? Probably not, if you're like most people.

Most people have a never-ending To-Do List, and they never make it to the bottom. After all, life is busy, and nobody is ever left entirely alone to work their way through everything on their list. Cells phones ring, email alerts ding and the choir of people vying for your time and attention never fails to sing.

When you have some free time, make the most of it and get things done. Here are four ways to improve your time management skills and get things done faster.

Start your day earlier and end it earlier

Here's a time management secret all successful people are aware of -- the early bird gets the worm. In this case, the proverbial worm is your ability to finish work. Being the early bird means making the most of your time, even if you have to view time through a different lens.

So, get to work earlier, preferably before anyone else. You'll be surprised by how much more work you can accomplish when no one is around. Then, pretend your day ends in three hours. Push yourself to complete tasks that will make tomorrow a little easier, and after that, the rest of the day is gravy.

Bull rush the small stuff

Everyone has seemingly insignificant tasks to complete, so why not get them done as quickly as possible? Most people let the small stuff pile up, and then they procrastinate. Don't do this! Use every tool in your disposal to bull rush ahead instead. You have to complete your work, so you might as well do it as quickly as possible.

Stop working

If you're successful, you probably know about the law of diminishing returns. So, why do you continue to fall prey to the fallacy of working longer hours? Instead, make a list of things you need to get done, finish them, and then go home. Remember, productivity is more about how much you get done and less about how long you work. So, once important tasks are complete, head home.

Get help with the little things

One of the most effective time management tools successful people use is help. They hire people --usually butlers -- to take care of the little (but very important) things in life, like grocery shopping, oil changes and house management. Ask for help, and hire a butler that can transform your To-Do list into a Not-To-Do list.

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