Don’t Waste That Extra Hour of Daylight on Chores — Let a Butler Help

If there's one bright side to daylight saving time, it's gaining an extra hour of daylight after work! Unfortunately, many of us end up squandering that extra hour on things we don't really enjoy, such as cleaning up around the house or shopping for groceries. Wouldn't it be great if there were a way to hand off those boring tasks to someone else and spend your time on you?

let a butler helpFortunately, there is a way! Hire a butler to deal with the chores and spend that extra hour of daylight enjoying yourself. We'll even make a few suggestions of how to use the free time!

Take a Stroll

There's no better way to spend your daylight hours, especially when the sun's gone down a bit, than by revving up your metabolism and taking a walk. Whether it's a stroll around the block, a power walk on the local school track, or a hike though a park or local campground, walking is a great way to burn calories, strengthen your body and get to know a place you may just have driven by before. Take the dog with you!

Meet the Neighbors

In the old days, people knew everyone in their town or village. Nowadays, most of us don't even know the people next door. So while your butler is handling the housework, why not introduce yourself to a neighbor or two? Building relationships with neighbors makes for a friendlier, safer neighborhood.

Plant a Garden

While your butler is handling the grocery shopping, standing in long lines, and losing daylight, you can be working in your garden. Sure, gardening is a bit of work, but you can keep it small: home-grown tomatoes, some greens, radishes, cantaloupe and a root vegetable. You'll not only enjoy the time outdoors, but you'll also enjoy the bounty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Get the kids involved and make it a family affair!

Do Some Writing

You'd be surprised how relaxing it can be to have a seat on the patio with a cool drink after dinner, and write down your thoughts in a journal. Not only is it a catharsis for built-up tensions from the day, but it will help you harness the creativity you probably didn't know you have. You may even find time to write that novel you've been dreaming about all of these years!

Start the season right by making an adventure out of your extra daylight hours. Let MyButler take up the slack, and free yourself up for fun and relaxation!

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