Don’t Let Non-Essential Tasks Get in the Way of Your Goals

Are your time management skills bogged down by spontaneous non-essential tasks? Consider the average workday: you sit down with a schedule outlining the important things, but within minutes there's an urgent email chiming in on your phone, a co-worker requests input at an impromptu meeting, you remember it's so-and-so's birthday which adds an extra errand to your drive home, and the distractions continue.

Eliminating Non-Essential Tasks

butler These distractions, which often morph into non-essential tasks, can keep you from completing more important goals, such as working out, taking time to eat healthy and nourishing food, spending more time with family and friends or having the ability to spend a quiet hour alone.

Instead, look for ways you can eliminate the non-essentials so your life becomes a more fulfilling version of the too-busy, stressed out model that consumes you now.

  • Turn off devices. Part of the lure of electronic devices is that they make us more productive. The problem is that hyper-connectivity is also conducive to a hyper-distracted state. While you were able to take that call or two at the store, you also forgot two key items on your list and now you're stuck having to fit an extra store run on your to-do list.Those random email and social media check-ins consume considerably more time than you may think. When you need to work or focus, turn off your devices, or at least their alerts, so you can focus on the task at hand. This action alone will make you more productive in the long-run.
  • Balance admin tasks and income. Small business owners and freelancers often find that administrative tasks can eat up the income the same clients generate. Take a good look at how much time you spend on admin tasks for each of your clients and consider dropping any clients where the profit margin isn't large enough to justify the business. This will free up more time and energy for quality activities.
  • Outsource anything you can. Take advantage of businesses like MyButler that are designed to take the non-essentials off your hands. Hiring a butler allows you to outsource any tasks that get in the way of a happier and more productive life. Consider what your life would look like without house cleaning or organizing, harried errand running, laundry and meal planning. That's a life that takes time management to a whole new level.

Would you like to experience time management at it's best that gives you a life free of non-essential tasks so you can begin reaching the goals that truly matter? Contact MyButler today to learn how our experienced professionals can help!

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