Caring for a Dog on a Hectic Schedule

caring for a dogIt’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially for time-strapped dog owners. After all, people who have demanding jobs often have less time to spend with their furry friends.

Your dog is your best friend, a trusted companion during good and bad times. Your dog also needs and deserves a lot of care and attention, which can be difficult to dole out when life gets hectic.

Finding time for walking, grooming and feeding your furry friend can be a challenge, especially when your
To-Do list gets longer and longer everyday, which is why you should follow these tips for caring for a dog on a hectic schedule.

Build care and exercise into your schedule

You’re busy attending meetings and appointments morning, noon and night, and some evenings, you don’t even know for sure when you’ll make it home. So, why not schedule time for your dog the way you do for your colleagues? Put feeding, exercise and daily care for your dog on the calendar and treat these appointments in the same manner you'd treat your business obligations.

Hire a dog sitter

Dog sitters are great -- they swing by your home, serve as a dog walker and shower your best friend with love and attention. The Internet is teeming with people eager to care for your dog, but the only downside is that sometimes they take on too many clients, and your dog is simply one in a number of puppies being cared for.

Hire a butler

A butler can help out around the house by cleaning, organizing, grocery shopping and more. So, by the time you get home after a busy day, you can focus on the thing that matters most -- giving your dog the care and it attention he or she deserves. And MyButler offers a service if your dog needs additional care while you're away.

You can learn more about how a butler can take a little bite out of your dog-eat-dog schedule by visiting the MyButler website.

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