Attention All Parents – Make a Priority List to Ease Stress

Nobody thinks parenting is easy, but few understand how demanding it really is until they have children of their own. Life can feel like complete chaos once little ones enter the mix. For many parents, especially primary caregivers, the problem starts in babyhood when you're the only one taking care of everything and everybody.

As babies become children, however, and begin to have their own lives, parents continue holding all the loose ends together. Reducing stress at home can be as simple as learning which of those loose ends you can let go of.

Make Priority Lists and Recapture Free Time

to do listOnce you prioritize the things that need to get done and determine who's required to do them, you may find you have considerably more free time on your hands. This reduces stress and gives you time to care of yourself again.

  • List the items that MUST be done to keep you sane. Everyone has their own triggers, and the more of these triggers you can eliminate, the more peaceful your home can be. Prioritize the items that must be done in your house daily and/or weekly for you to feel at ease and on top of things.
  • List the items that someone else can handle. Which of the above tasks can be delegated to someone else? While a housecleaning service is nice, it doesn't go much beyond general cleanliness. Consider using a more holistic service, like MyButler, that can handle house cleaning in addition to a myriad of other chores and errands, like laundry, pet care, organization, meal planning and preparation, chauffeuring and so on.
  • Be honest about where you spend your time. It's not always easy to be honest with yourself, but the results will pay off. Sometimes, we run around saying we have no time for ourselves when, in fact, we've actually spent a cumulative hour or two chatting, Facebooking, checking Instagram, etc. Oops! Limiting unnecessary digital communication will open more space for rewarding activities that lead to reducing stress at home.
  • Now prioritize some self-care items. Now that you've delegated some of your household chores and errands, you'll have more time to take care of yourself. Make a list of at least five things you wish you had time for in your life and start to make it happen.

If reducing stress at home is on your priority list, schedule a consultation with MyButler to learn how one simple change can eliminate excess work for you.

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