5 Fabulous Ways to Make More “Me” Time in 2015

The top New Year's resolutions -- "Lose weight! Get Fit! Manage stress!" -- have one thing in common. Each requires individuals to find extra time to honor their health and well-being. That can feel like a tall order for those with a busy lifestyle, but improving your health and reducing stress at home are both possible with proactive planning and minor life adjustments.

meditatingRe-balance Your Ethics

American culture places a high priority on "work." If you aren't working to pay the bills you should be working toward other goals. Taking time for oneself can be considered selfish by some. In truth, adults who are overly tired, stressed out and pushed to their limits make for less efficient employees, more impatient parents and less tolerant partners. Consider "me" time as part of your work if you must, allowing you to be a more balanced person in every aspect of your life.

Create a "Me" Time Wish List

Make a list of the ways you wish you could pamper yourself and what you would do for yourself if there was more free time. Putting them down on paper is the first wave of synergy required to make those wishes a weekly reality.

Re-Evaluate Your Time Management Skills

When's the last time you ran a time management assessment on yourself? If it's been awhile, keep a time log and watch where and how you spend your time. Where can you gain the minutes required here and there to meditate, take a half-hour walk or sit down with your favorite book and a cup of tea?

Discipline Yourself From Distractions

Electronic gadgets may be your worst enemy. You were meditating, but you heard the "you've got text" chime. You hop on Facebook for a few seconds before getting in the tub, and 30-minutes later you're still reading and posting while your bath chills down. Start learning how to turn gadgets off and truly settle into "me" time moments.

Start Outsourcing Your Task List

What tasks are things you "have to do" rather than want to do? Outsource those tasks you don't have to tackle yourself. From house cleaning to errand running, tutoring the kids and walking the dog, there are businesses out there dedicated to making your life simpler.

Reducing stress at home is as simple as allowing a personal butler to take care of life's less pleasant chores for you. To learn more about butler services that can simplify your life, contact MyButler.

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