5 Fabulous New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

New Year's Resolutions for 2015Looking to make New Year's Resolutions you can keep? Why not make resolutions for your home? This way, your goals can easily be written down and tracked with a simple check on your list. In the meantime, a neater, cleaner and more organized home makes it easier for you to achieve your more personal resolutions, like "work out regularly" or "find time for relaxation." With that in mind, here are five resolutions you won't want to break this New Year!

Hire a Butler

A classically-trained butler will take care of all of your household New Year's Resolutions and then some. Your butler is there to organize, clean, run errands, and free up time so you're better able to enjoy the meaningful things in life.

Keep a Maintenance Calendar

It's easy to let routine home maintenance fall by the wayside and this can lead to time-consuming conversations with maintenance professionals, insurance agents, repairmen and others. By adding routine maintenance items to your online calendar of choice - including HVAC maintenance, gutter cleaning, irrigation inspections, etc. - your house will run like clockwork. And your butler will be happy to remind you of upcoming maintenance tasks!

Maintain a Clutter-Free Home

Get the whole family on board and use one of the days between Christmas and New Year's to turn up the music, put out a few favorite snacks and throw a Clutter Cleaning Party. Rid your home of clutter, including any miscellaneous gift items from family and friends that will never be used. Make separate piles for "Organize," "Donate," or "Trash" and then get that stuff out of your home. Integrate systems that encourage family members to keep clutter out and to organize what comes in.

Start a Weekly House Planner

Consider adding Home Organization to your own planner. Simple things, like designating one house chore per day or lining up the weekly menu on Sunday evenings, will help other tasks such as shopping, errand running and bill paying even easier. You'll be amazed at how much time a few extra minutes at the beginning of each week will save by the week's end. Move some of these time consuming tasks to your Not-To-Do List, and save even more time wit the help of your butler!

Create a Designated Destination Station

Convert a sideboard, antique dresser or other attractive piece of furniture into a "Destination Station" that can be used to organize bills, hang the keys, collect mail and store gadget chargers. Having one destination for these miscellaneous items will reduce household clutter, not to mention the amount of time spent looking for them in other rooms in the house.

Doesn't "hire a butler" sound like the most fabulous New Year's Resolution of all? Contact MyButler and enjoy the most stress-free and joy-filled year of your life.

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